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Monday, 7 July 2008

Letts books

Assalamu alaykum,
just finished homeschooled my two boys...for today of course! Tomorrow will be re-starting all over again. it looks like my day-cleaning of the house....everyday you re-start all over again! Hamdulillah. I must admit I am feeling a bit too tired, a tiny bit too anxious and generally RUN DOWN!! Sorry for shouting there.
We are just coming out a full month of doing NOTHING. In fact as I previously wrote, the month of June was our holidays period, away from Calvert programme and UK National Curriculum as my family was over.
But I am still feeling the wish to stop and re-start on September. It must be the good weather and the fact that we are in summer that makes me feel like that.
Anyway, we cannot stop. We will 'march' on till next year around April 2009, insh'Allah.
This morning i discovered a new jewel in my Calvert library. It is called the Computer Skills and Applications Manual. I know I should have started it back on April when all the course materials arrived but I was so eager to start that I have disregard of this book as it is not part of the assessments my son will have throughout the year. It's just a plus, a bonus. It's great fun. It teaches the child about Computing and applications. You just need to be registered online with Calvert school and you are sent an user name and password to be use with 'My Calvert'. The book tells you what to do daily and you just click on the icon that it says. The rest is all interactive, colorful and fun for the child. Mash'Allah.
With S we are repeating the ABC and counting from 0-20. Even thou he knows how to count up till 100, mash'Allah.
We started new set of books. We used to learn with Letts 4-5 years old including Numeracy and Literacy.
I bought this new set called Letts 'Fun Farmyard Learning' 4-5 years old. It includes Count to 20, Add-up and take-away, Letters and Words.

It's great fun as it is S favourite theme: animals, farm animals. There s so much to colour and lots of lovely activities in each page. Easy to use for me while I am teaching A as I can leave S working by himself.
So for now we are using curriculum books for both as I don't have time to make my ow lessons but I am already thinking ahead for next year as I miss my unschooling method and the benfits that comes with it, mash'Allah.


Violin Mom said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog, and I see that you are homeschooling with Calvert school. We love Calvert. We have used it for Pre-K through 3rd grade. Right now, we are using Kindergarten and Third Grade with our children. I am glad that you like it too. Come visit my blog. I haven't yet posted much about Calvert, but I will some time soon. Blessings, Violin Mom in Florida

muslimah trying to home edu said...

Hello Violin Mum
thanks for visiting us and Welcome to our blog!
We are currently using Calvert 2nd grade and we are so delighted with it. My older boy finding it very easy to follow and loves the books.
I suggested Calvert to all my friends! Here in UK we don't have such programme and I am so blessed that we could find it!
You said you are using 3rd grade, how do you find? How does your child like it?
Next year will be 3rd grade here too.
BTW I have just had a quick visit to your blog, it's great and love the baked breads!
Will visit you soon again,