'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Monday, 17 August 2009

When you live in a small place...

Assalamu alaykum,
So we moved, we are in our new little, tiny place hamdulillah.
We are happy and glad everything went almost ok.
The actual move was a very stressful one; it's not easy to move from a big house with a garden to a small flat on the 11th floor!!
Hamdulillah! It was necessary for us to move and we are here now and want to make our little place into a 'castle'.

All the summer I planned for the kids lots of free activities and courses! Guess what??? Things planned are never my thing! Hamdulillah as Allah is the Best of Planner! A. attended a free course about ICT at the beginning of the summer holidays then it all went out the windows.
The second week he started his literacy and numeracy course but he could only attend 2 days out of 5. The third week he supposed to be doing Science but we were moving.
And now we are all sick and the boys cannot attend the Islamic course I registered them to and I paid for it! Ya Allah!
On the bright side we are making good use of the little space we have and be minimalistic is the rule!
I like to live in such a small, modest place. It's quick and easy to clean. No clutter. I can gather all the family quickly. Answer the phone quicker as well as the door and don't need to worry to keep clean and tidy the garden! Hamdulillah! :)
We are also enjoying our so local park. We live literally in front of it! This particular park is massive, it has a big playground with a paddling pool for the kids and the park in itself is very well looked after! MashAllah!
The kids like there even before we moved in the area. MashAllah. I used to drive them down here but now...we are just next door to it!

On another note, I am pondering over the next schooling year. At present I am pressurized on putting the kids to school. I was told around here schools are at the top of the league. Then again, I love homeschooling and I cannot even think to put my kids in school.
Need your help and duas. I know it's my own decision in the end...well sort of! I still have to talk throu with the 'boss', but I need to focus again in homeschooling and I need you to remind me the benefits of homeschooling.
I think I feel I am failing with my kids and I am not doing a good job. I think I was brought to consider school because I am not English and I cannot teach my kids in English as I much is in my head now. I am getting so worry and September is fast approaching.

I have got lots to think throu...
For now
Wa alaykum assalam

Sunday, 9 August 2009

I am packing away...

Assalamu alaykum
we are moving! Few more days and we will be in our new flat, insh'Allah.We are leaving behind a very big, spacious house with garden for a small flat on a block, hamdulillah! But we are happy :)
I haven't forgotten to update the blog, it's just I have been busy with all that there is to be done.
So, ladies keep your eyes peeled because I will be posting pics from my new flat on the 11th floor and I tell you the view up there is absolutely astonishing!!! Mash'Allah tabark'Allah.
See you soon,
wa alaykum assalam