'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Thursday, 24 July 2008


Assalamu alaykum,

again, it has happened again! One whole week gone, so quickly!!!


So what have we been up to?

Saturday was swimming. Boys had their certificates and badges as they both passed all of the required tasks. But only one of them passed the level! Hamdulillah. I am happy with them both anyway as swimming in my home, it is THE SPORT.

Saturday afternoon we spent the day in the park.

Sunday- very busy for us all. I went swimming early and back home to look after my baby while the boys went out to enjoy their very new found sport. (will tell you soon about it)

At around lunch time I left with a sister and her son to go to a charity event. A great fun day for the whole family. Dh and kids were waiting there, for me to arrive. We had a really pleasant day and some quality time together in years! Kids enjoyed their fun rides with dh while I went to see the latest Islamic resources for my kids.

Monday - we restarted the week with Calvert Academy for A and UK National Curriculum for S.
Monday afternoon - park! We took a map of the local parks and guess what? There are 29 parks only in my borough! Can you believe it? 29 parks!!!

We decided to visit them all!
We spent the whole of Monday afternoon in a very lovely park, didn't even know it existed! A really great, clean and well looked after green area. So -28!

Tuesday - dentist for the boys and a lesson about keeping their teeth clean and our heart healthy!
Tuesday afternoon -27! Another park... checked! Kids enjoyed this new park and his wildlife garden. Also the ornamental garden was excellent! I have experienced those green areas so well-looked after, only in the Royal park! 10+ for this park!

Wednesday - Calvert for A and some revision for S. I am teaching him to read. Insh'Allah just a start, slow start as S is not too keen for the moment to start reading. And who would want to learn how to read when you can have your 8 years old brother doing it for you, eh?

Thursday - spent all day with our homeschooling Group mash'Allah. We visited the Science Museum again but this time our visit was more beneficial. In fact the kids attended a show in the Launchpad , about explosion. They also enjoyed fully the Launchpad and a talk about different materials.
Thursday afternoon -Picnic with sisters and then carried on our day outside in Hyde Park. We went to Lady Diana Memorial Playground again. This time around, the playground was so full but we managed to squeeze in and have a hour of fun with our kids. Mash'Allah.
Altogether another good opportunity for my kids to socialize with their homeschooling friends and for me a good day out with homeschooling sisters.

Friday today - a good cleaning around the house, kids helped ;). Jumuah and then out for some food shopping. No park on our list. But we have just been invited to a picnic on 2nd August in one of the 29 parks we want to visit! Sounds good!!!


Ops forgot some pics from our week. No parks pics yet as I am making an album. Will post soon, insh'Allah! Wa alaykum assalam

islamic funday

islamic funday

fun rides!

some easy baking, stuffed peppers with spicy mince beef , cheese and fresh herbs

and potatoes wedges.