'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Back to 'normality'...

...if I can call it so!
Assalamu alaykum,
my family left and I am so sad. As for all the good things, there is always a price to be paid!
My one came in a form of boobs, yes Calvert programme!
So we back to full time homeschooling using Calvert with A and National Curriculum with S.
I am tired of following a programme specially because as I anticipated few months ago, I do like best unschooling. It does work best for us as a family and the kids enjoy the freedom of learning when and what. I miss the lapbooks and our trips to the library and to the farm. Now it's just 'proper' homeschooling. A is not complaining much. He just get on with it and happy everyday to start and to finish, yes specially the latter!
Also this week has been a very intensive one as my kids have been having their exams at madrassa. Tomorrow is the final exam ; Fiqh.
A sounds so optimistic, he is very pleased with his exams and told that he passed...already without even hearing his Muallim.
S is not so happy. In fact for all the week he has been crying and was so desperate with the story of the exams. I am sorry for him but 'exams never ends in this life' - as my mum used to tell us.