'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Water Cycle

Assalamu alaykum,

we just finished another day of Calvert, mash'Allah.

Days are going so fast and in the process my boys are learning lots of new topics...and I am learning too!

The last two Science lessons were about water cycle. We talked through how the water cycle works. Where they water goes, how water gets dried up, evaporates and then got back to be condense.

To teach my boys about how the water evaporates and then it becomes condense again we made a little science project.

You will need:

2 plastic cups

1 spoon of sand

plastic sandwich bag


What to do:

Fill one plastic cup with water. Put the sand in the other cup but not fill it to the top.

Now pour some water into the cup with sand, just about to cover the sand. Put the cup with sand and water in the plastic transparent sandwich bag and close it. Put the bag in a sunny spot.

Now wait and see. As the air inside the bag becomes warmer, the water start to evaporate.

The gas on air will form condense and in turn you will see tiny droplets of water in the bag (condense)

Water as a gas cools in the air.It condenses. When water condenses, it changes from gas back to a liquid that you can see. In this experiment the child can learn about water cycle. In fact this project includes both condense and evaporate.

So that's our little project for the day!