'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Today's science lesson

Assalamu alaykum,

London woke up under a calm, soft, white and unreal day! It's April, BST (British Summer Time) started but....It's snowing!

When I open my eyes this morning my kids opened the curtains and from under my duvet I looked outside. A magical scenario. It looked like a painting in motion. -It's snowing- they shouted happily!!

We run downstairs and looked at the garden full of white, soft snow.

My hubs went outside and got us a bucket full of snow. So the kids and I started to build our own house snowmen! Whe then looked at it while melting with the warm of our hands and the temperature in our house.

The kids asked me all sorts of questions e.g. where the snow come from? why is it snowing? why does it melt? how many degree should be outside for it to snow? Wow!

So much reading it's taking place at the minute. Also what I could answer I used islamic background to explain.

I like to share some pics.

our garden table and chairs!

the roof of the kitchen looking out from my kids room

our backyard! Yes one Yard!!

our house snowmen!

My broom, broom car!View of the front road.


ummi said...

salam sister,

welcome back. you can visit me by clicking on ummi. I see you visiting my blog which I had change URL. I had a snow here but it never stay. And I'm far up in the north!!. Can't see white bit anywhere. They fall down from the sky and melted straight away!!

ummrashid said...

Assalamualaykum, So nice to find you back open again!

Umm Salihah said...

love the idea of the in-door snow-man - will remember that for next time. Was nice to wake up to snow wasn't it?