'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Assalamu alaykum,
we are now waking up much earlier than other days mainly is because i like the house clean and kids ready with fresh clothes before starting Calvert and National curriculum.
Days are filled with activities and we are getting along very well. Calvert is a breath of fresh air and a new start after so many months away from homeschooling.
The baby is much more settled now as he is eating solids and sleeping more so many days are getting slowly but surely back as normal.Hamdulilah.
My children are learning again with a more classic method. I teach them 5 days a week every morning and after learning with me they are off to rest. Most of their free time it is spent in their bedroom building with Lego or Meccano or playing with cars.
But other time they like to sit and learn with pc-rom. We have some really nice one.
For Arabic/Qur'an we use Multi Madrassa and Arabic for English Speakers Junior.
Insh'Allah you buy these in any good Islamic shop. We got them off
Some other time I will switch on Arabic Cartoons, Al Jazera Children channel.
I would love for my kids to speak Arabic Classic and not just a dialect e.g. algerian or morrocon. Althought I don't mind if together with Arabic Fus'ha (classic Arabic) they can learn the dialects.
How do you teach your children Arabic?
There are so many lovely resources out there that you can get lost.


ummi said...

salam sister,

I like your days. It's seem similar to me as well as I'm also need my house to be nice and clean before I start our school.

I'm also like to be organize. It's nice to read other people experience with curriculum they bought as I'm still try to work out what I need for my children..