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Saturday, 26 April 2008

Unschooling: our passion!

Assalamu alaykum,

I know you may be thinking 'what she is on about?'

Yes we are still using Calvert distance learning and very happy with it but not fully as we were with unschooling. Well, let's analyze the twos.

Calvert is a school programme recognized in US, fully structured and it comes complete with all that you need to teach your child for one year.

Unschooling is an homeschooling method where the child lead his own learning. It is a freestyle as I like to call it. Kids learn through playing, reading and mainly hands on-life. Parents needs to make available all the resources and allow the kids to freely chose what to learn.

Take today for example. We have been out all day. Kids re-started their swimming lessons, they had passed their levels and now are enjoying a more challenging step in learning how to swim.

They then had their first lesson of climb-walls too. They enjoyed it a lot, more than I was expected. Although they didn't reach the end of the wall, hamdulilah it was an experience.

We then had a picnic in the park and enjoyed a long day there. They did ride their bikes and saw so much to last for a week.

We saw people wasting water. It's something I really don't like. Every time the weather gets warmer, in the park kids enjoying playing with water coming from little fountains made purposely for this. Water gashing out not stop...what's a waste! My kids asked me why people don't take care of using water carefully as so many in the world suffer without water! Astafirullah!

We then watched how inconsiderate people can be with the nature. Some kids were throwing stones to the squirrels and also they were breaking branches of the trees nearby.

Here another lesson hands on-life. I explained to the kids how important it is to look after Allah's nature. Sometimes I wonder what other parents teach to their kids.

It's all so convenient leaving your kids doing what they want while you are at the mobile or chatting with your friends! But what about considering some respect for the nature!!

We had a full day and now we are very tired. Kids are watching a DVD, yes I allowed them to watch some toons while I am here putting my aching feet up. I will have to go soon anyway as dinner doesn't get ready by its own and kids need a bath....all three of them!


Umm Salihah said...

Assalam-alaikam Sister,
Mash'Allah sounds like you are doing great with the lessons and that the kids are enjoying them too. Although I don't home-school you have got me really curious about the Calvert method.