'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Keep it for us!

Assalamu alaykum,
this blog supposed to be for me and the boys. For us, to keep all our records in. I's like to show it to my boys one day. So, I decided to keep it for us, just as it was at the very beginning! Mash'Allah. Also no many readers to leave comments, I guess my blog is no so popular and my life's bit boring...hamdulillah. I don't have much to say as my days are so filled with the kids, my life is all devoted to Allah's pleasure and what you see is what you get.Hamdulillah.

So we started Calvert. Mash'Allah. I love it. A is really happy with it. Every morning we get ready for it. We start to study at about 9am. Every morning we have about 30 minutes of Math and then Reading/Literacy for about 40 minutes. After that is a bit of rest for my child.
In the meantime, S study with his cd-rom, Learning Ladder 5-7 years old. He is learning about Phonics, Shapes, Counting, Letters sounds and so much more.
After a little 10 minutes rest, we re-start with writing. Last lesson it could be anything such as Art&Craft, social studies, geography, science etc.
We received the teacher's comment about our first Calvert Test. She was very pleased with the outcome and gave A a big star. A was pleased and felt more encourage to do his very best.
A is very good in writing now; his work is neat and his spelling very good.
At madrassa, the boys are learning lots of new dua'as and ahadith in Arabic. A is learning Surah Ash-Shams and S is learning Surah Al-Qaria. Both are doing Ahadith in Arabic and lots of Arabic writing. A showed me his Arabic writing few days ago and I was pleased to see that the teacher gave him 90% as in the past he had problems in understanding how the Arabic letters join together.
as i always say, practice makes perfect!
About me now.I am very tired and had another big pain in my back. It seems like it will never recover. I am in such a pain. Hamdulillah. I gave up all my time for my kids sake, but my health is not too good. I should really think about myself but how can I? My kids rely totally on me.
It's not easy. Also, we are passing a very bad period for our finances. We had to give up so many activities for now. Starting from this month, no more karate classes. Will see about swimming. Life's so hard when it's only one to work. Also I came to realize how expensive can become homeschooling.
So we have to cut a bit of things here and there...may Allah make it easy for us all. Amin
Another day has gone, looking forward for tomorrow, insh'Allah.