'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

A new challenge and so much snow!!

Assalamu alaykum,

we are still finding our feet with the new routine. We have not open the Calvert books for the last 2 weeks or so since this morning!

A. received the last test results back from his Calvert teacher. She was very happy with his progress but asked him to work more on spellings. In Science and maths, all was well and I was relieved that the work I am doing with him, it is appreciated and the the teacher gave him good feedback. She also wrote a letter to me, just to say how happy she was with A. work and to keep it up! I was chuffed, really I was.

So much as happened in the last 2 weeks but I had very little time to update here and I don't know where to start really. I will be brief as time is my great enemy!

I have been in the search for new activities for my kids, free of charge of course! I won't be able to afford all that my kids wants to do!

A. started a homework club and so far he enjoyed the novelty of being in a group and working together with other kids. While he is in there, for about 2 hours, myself and the other two boys are off to the library where S. can use the computer and learn with is favourite website cbeebies.

I have also registered A. to a Saturday school where he will be doing Literacy, Numeracy, Science and ICT. All for free!

Qur'an and Arabic as usual with and in the new evening madrassa just 10 minutes drive from home-love it!

We have started a new Asdan challenge. This time we concentrated on learning about wild animals native of Britain. A., initially, chose to talk about the red squirrel but he soon turned his attention to a more common and easily found wild animal: the badger!

We went to the library and looked for a book. Tons of books I should say. One topic but lots of books. We chose just two and carried on our search on the net. I printed out some reading materials about badgers. I then left all to A. and with little of no help from me, he was able to produce a new piece of work. Another challenge completed, lots more to go!

S. has been writing a lot lately. Just everywhere. I bought him a small writing pad and he started writing down things, anything from food to titles of books. Every time he would show me and he would get so proud when I tell him how good he has been, mash'Allah.
S. is really reading nicely now and we are concentrating on the Eeman Reading Series booklets. A very nice collection of books in English with Islamic moral content for the primary school level.

He is also doing fine in maths and enjoying adding but less subtracting. He finds it hard to take away numbers. Today we were playing the shopping game and when he was time to give the change back he had to work a little bit harder.

Both the boys have restarted Islamic Studies, mainly reading books with me and comprehension of the text. There has been a lot of talking about the topic of angels.

Sport have been on as usual, swimming and wrestling. My eldest will be starting a new tournament next month and he is training twice a week now. It's a lot of work but he does it with passion. Mash'Allah.

On another matter now. I have been looking to get my 5 1/2 registered with the Traffic Club since he was 3! I never went far. Every time they would say that I cannot register him because the health visitor should do so and blah, blah, blah!!

I wrote them and complained about it because I know most of my friends have received a set of 6 free books from them automatically when the children where 3.
Why not mine??

I won the battle....they sent my boy all the books with a letter of apology. :)

We used those books and they are great, S. completed book 1 and book 2 and started the activities booklet that comes with the series. It teaches kids the importance of being safe in the road, in the car, while riding a bike, at the traffic light, etc. Very nice.

Kids enjoyed the snow the past few days and here are the pics....
wa alaykum assalaam