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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Learning photography and time well spent!

Assalamu alaykum to all my dearest readers!
May this find you all in good health and strong Iman. Amin.

What a different week we had around here. As pre-announced, A. started his 4 days course 'Introduction to Photography'. The 4 days came and gone, so quickly but I am glad all went well and A. had a great experience.

On Monday when I took him to the centre for his course, I was nervous, he was fine -'just excite'- he said. I was really getting worried in case the course was going to be a photographic exhibition of living beings!

I went in and found a really nice teacher waiting for us. I told her straight that my child is home educate and ask her more about the picutures she would let the kids take. She mentioned natural pthings and objects around just like a pen, a bottle, a plant, a flower etc.and also revealed that her sister does home educate her kids! What a nice start!!!

I left A. with a big grin on his face. I could see how happy he was to be with other kids and in a classroom, what a novelty!

He spent the next fours days enjoying to the full the time with his new found friends. He said some were nice but others were a bit 'rude' - in his own words.

Everyday he left the class with something new and exciting to tell and everyday he learnt lots about photography, for his young age. The teacher made sure all the kids would take pics of things around them and not living beings. Main objects were plants, flowers, bottles, glittery stars, tables, fruits etc. One day the children were taken to the local park to take pics of natural things. They learnt how to develop pictures and how a camera works.

All in all a great week with a twist for him and for me. But also for his brothers. S. and S2 were happy to spent sometime together without the older brother ruling them about. I spent some great quality time with both and I learnt to listen to S. a bit more. Hamudlillah.Usually I will go through A. to understand S. but this time I made time to sit with him and listen to all his stories and his dreams. We read together, usually is A. reading with S., we spent time at the local farm and talked about things he likes to do, we painted, cooked and made shopping together. It has been a really different week. With A. at school from 10am to 3pm, I had tons of time to clean, cook, read that nice book I bought 2 years ago, and just chill out with my other two boys. Mash'Allah wa al-hamdulillah.

I even had time to pick up my Arabic course to revise the lesson before Friday comes.

Tomorrow A. and his friends at the course have prepared a photographic exhibition and will show their hard work. The teacher told us there will prizes and certificates for all. Looking forward to that. Insh'Allah.

This last week we all learnt something: A. learnt: 1)that not all children are nice; 2) look after his belongings when outside; 3) appreciate more home education.

I learnt that: 1) A. needs more independence (with guidance,lol) and I need to entrust him more with things in and out the house; 2) let A. loose a bit more; 3) home education is truly better than any school; 3) listen more and spend more time with S. and S2.

The next set of free courses there will be up in Summer time. Last summer we missed the registration day and by the time we decided to go ahead and fill an application form it was way too late. During summer, the variety of courses on offer is great and there is an higher demand. Last summer there were courses to learn French, Maths, English literature, sewing, dressmaking, henna, cooking, art&craft, lots of free sports and many more activities. There is not really a link I can send out, for those living in my borough you need to visit your library regularly before summer, look for a booklet for summer courses, it's all in there and best of all they are all free!!!!

for now,

wa alaykum assalam

Chicken Pie inspired by sister Rainbow and the book:'How to make an apple pie and visit the world'. I had some leftover roasted chicken. I made a crust with butter, flour and iced water. I then cooked carrots, peas and onions and made a bechamelle sauce. Added the ingredients to the sauce and cooked for 35 minutes (my oven is fan assisted and cook everything super quick!)Quick dish for the busy home educators out there.

Chicken pie, ready to be cook.
the local farm, very welcoming and S. really like it.

Soft Play area in one of the leisure centre. It's massive, I couldn't take it all in one pic. It is divided into 4 floors and kids can climb up and down as they please. Baby friendly!

Tibetan bridge


Umm Salihah said...

Mash'Allah I never get bored of looking at your pictures or finding out what learning you are planning next.

I can't imagine which child wouldn't love to have a go at photography, sounds like a great short course. I think my borough (maybe next door to your one?) does lots of these type of events too.

BTW you have been tagged:

muslimah trying to home edu said...

Assalamu alaykum Umm Salihahm jazakillah for stopping by.
These days I don't get much time to sit at my pc. Imagine that this very post and the next were written using my mobile between one chore and a shopping trip to Tesco. I then add the pictures using my mobile too and post the blog entry! How easy!!

About the tag, I'll see what I can do. I was tagged sometime ago by another fellow blogger and I haven't had a chance to reply to it.

BTW if you don't mind me asking, what borough are you? We are in Newham.