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Sunday, 3 May 2009

The picnic season is here, some more felting and a finished project!

Assalamu alaykum,

the season for picnics is back and we do enjoy a lot to be out in the sun, eating some nice home cooked food and enjoy Allah's creation!

It reminds me of my childhood. We used to camp out during summer and enjoy the mountains and valleys. My mum always cooked food at home and brought big dishes of lasagna, pasta salads, stuffed peppers, pizza, pastries and various salads including fresh watermelon! Basically it was not a picnic, but you would be eating out in great style :)

In London, you cannot fully enjoy Allah's creation and be in contact with everything that is natural and that is so important for me for obvious reasons. Let's just say that I would rather be living in a big farm surrounded by green valleys! I am just dreaming now...

I would love for my kids to enjoy the great outdoors as much as I do, but I don't think they fully appreciate it.
Nevertheless it has been a week of picnics. We had time to spend some good quality time together as a family, finally after months of being apart. Hamdulillah.

Of course homeschooling was on as usual. We haven't just been out, stuffing ourselves :))

Kids have followed through with their programmes:Calvert and mindsprinting. And they carried on with their Qur'an and Arabic lessons daily. Hamdulillah.

A. finished his lapbook about Prophet Muhammad (sallahu alyhe wa sallam) and we are currently reading the story of the first caliph, Abu Bakr Siddique (ra) as a carry on for our Islamic History lapbooks collection.

S. made a mini lapbook about shapes and colours.A really simple approach to lapbooks, just as I realized he couldn't finish a big project, see Arabic words and letters lapbooks still incomplete.Hamdulillah!

Sports and other activities such as the art and craft club were on but we did not attend the Thursday meet up as I was recovering from my usual back pain. Hamdulillah.

There is so much more I should write but at this moment things are coming up all muddled up and I cannot put them in order. In fact this post looks more like a list of events!

So to carry on with the list:
-visit to Hastings and the bluereef aquarium;
-felting. Mash'Allah we are doing great! It's hard work, lots of rubbing and rolling but enjoyable;
-picnic with friends at the Lady Diana Memorial Playground on a very hot, sunny Friday. We had such great fun and ended up with 3 big ice-creams offered by a lovely Italian lady at the nearby cafe'. Thanks again!;
-Art in the back yard! Kids coloured with chalks the back garden including walls, shed, floor etc;
-Our vegetable patch (pots!:) Veggies and potatoes are growing very nicely.

And now the for the pics.
wa alaykum assalam

A square placemat with two flowers.

A long, rectangular shape table runner.

The complete table runner

The bluereef aquarium, walking under the sharks!

Look up!


Of course, Nemo


Stony beach and further down a patch of sand, wow!!

What a view!

Arriving in Hastings early morning

Hastings Historic centre

A nice drive around the English countryside

Our dwarf beans

Cherry Tomatoes, need a bigger and deeper pot!

And look at the potatoes!

Being arty!

Chalk-ing the shed...

...and the pavement

finally some real sand

Baby S. in the boat

Pirate ship

Baby S. enjoyed the water feature

Some cool shed

Indian tents

A. made this spring picture

Islamic Art

Part of Prophet Muhammad (saw) lapbook

Some more on Islamic Art and below the finished lapbook!


Anonymous said...


What lovely pics masha'Allah.

We were in Hastings too recently. When did you go? I wonder if we were there on the same day! :)

Listen, you up for the Horniman Museum soon?

muslimah trying to home edu said...

Assalamu alaykum Umm R.
no we went after you! So nice mash'Allah a real treat for us all!

Horniman Museum here we come!
BTW are you going on Tue? I won't be going but will attend same place later in the week. If you like to join in let me know.

wa alaykum assalam