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Monday, 27 April 2009

My new project, the Romans and pondering over...

Assalamu alaykum,
finally the Romans lapbook has been completed! A real adventure in the past. A. and S. have both joined in and travelled back into the past to read about the Romans!

A new project was already on its way: Prophet Muhammad (sallahu alayhe wa sallam) and we are still working on it. Just found some great links here.

The past week has been quite for what concern our usual routine, mainly due to the fact that sport activities and more are back on. Things like swimming, the art and craft club and the Thursday get together with the other homeschooling sisters was off during the half term. But now we are back to the usual 3 days in and 3 days out! We homeschooled 3 days using Calvert and I have also downloaded booklets from for S. about shapes, short sounds vowels and sorting objects into colours, shapes or categories.

A. went back to the Saturday school with much pleasure and he was happy to come back home after a science lesson where they talked about the force of gravity and things that float or fly and made some paper planes, does it remind you of anything?

S. was busy with his shopping list all week and he has been writing a lot in his little pad. Mash'Allah. Reading is getting along very well and I had to buy a new set of books geared for his age. He also enjoyed his second lesson in the art and craft club where he learnt how to use the charcoal pencils. They are learning about lines and used paint as well as different shapes to show the different lines.

Qur'an and Arabic as been going on as usual, 6 days a week. A. and S. are revising the Juzz Amma and carried on with Surah Al Baqara. Mash'Allah. Lots of reading in Arabic and a bit writing for S.

No much to share this week, but I had lot of time to ponder over my boys education, specially after an email from a dear ukhti who will be starting, insh'Allah, home education soon.

I have been thinking about my worries and concerns over my boys' education. I was asked if with experience in homeschooling, worries and concerns goes away. I didn't have to think hard over this very question and the answer in my opinion and experience is no. We never stop worrying about our kids' education and worries and concerns are a good thing because they renew our approach to homeschooling and make us to better! We need to have those very feelings at the back of our mind to perform better because if we were to approach life with light heart we would certainly forget about our responsibilities as mothers but even more as servants of Allah!

For now it's all but enjoy the pics of the week. I am off to write some more in my new blog, a small project set up with some lovely Italian sisters for dawah purpose. May Allah put his barakah in this new adventure and reward the sisters who are contributing for its success.Amin.

Mamma mia!!! The Romans!!!

Painting the shields

Painting the sword
the instruction booklet

Fun at the park!
Pic nic day with a dear friend. Beautiful flowers!
The water clock used by the Romans. Well not quite like it!
But it works. A 4 minutes water clock.
Well after 4 minutes let's just say you can use the modern technology!
The kids uses to wash their teeth for the 2 minutes rule!
finally the lapbook! I am really happy with the result!
Some more on the lapbook! The mosaic were a big hit
and the kids learnt more about patterns.
A Roman fortress
Painting the walls
Roman numbers stencils
One more activity book to complement our studies


Itto said...

salam alaikoum sister,
I am impressed by all you do, tbarakallah. may Allah bless your projects.

muslimah trying to home edu said...

Wa alaykum assalam sister Itto,
I am honoured by your nice comment! I should say that to you, you are such an inspiration! And look I started felting too, well sort of trying creating some flat pieces, no much! But my eldest enjoys the wet-soapy process when creating flat pieces. I am looking into filz-it and wash it. Have you ever used that method? I also like the neddle felting looks so interesting and easy.
Jazakillah for stopping by!
Amin to your duas and may Allah reward you and bless you too, amin.
wa alayukum assalam