'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Saturday, 16 May 2009

It's all about lepidopterans!

Assalamu alaykum,
I am a bit earlier than usual updating the blog. It's just I have a bit of 'spare time'...oops I shouldn't say so! If my tutor reads this...

Back to us. What have we been learning these past few days?
Monday and Wednesday we have been learning with Calvert and midsprinting as usual. Mash'Allah S. surprises me every time he opens a book. He is really reading properly now. And his writing is getting better and better. I can dictate words to him and he writes them nicely and I must say his calligraphy is really neat. Mash'Allah tabark'Allah.
A. was less 'productive' this week and fell behind. In fact he has been thinking about the cartoon movie since we went to the Museum for the Wallace and Gromit exhibition. Unfortunately we were so busy with other things that we couldn't start on the movie project yet. Insh'Allah soon. In the meantime A. has finished the little figures (no eyes!) and their living room and bedroom. Really cute! Mash'Allah. He even added some homely touches such as a plant, a rug, a cup of tea and a cake for one of the figure sitting on a sofa. And also a bowl of fruits, a closed book on a small table and a throw and some cushions for the bed!

Talking of inventions, A. finished his 'Inventions and Inventors' lapbook and enter a competition on the Wallace and Gromit website . I cannot say what he invented just yet as there is a copyright and hopefully a patent pending on the drawing and we are just waiting to hear in October (long way ahead!) to see if his inventions could enter the winners list. I can only say that it is a very useful item we all would love to have, specially those busy homeschoolers out there!

On Tuesday I was at the doctor yet again. My little toe is not back as normal and the bone still out of place. Such a little thing but so painful! I will have to go to hospital yet again for further investigation and most probably an operation. Ya Allah! Make duas for me please.

Tuesday afternoon we were at the Art and Craft Club and S. learnt how to draw butterflies. He made one really colourful and very big. I believe they used oil crayon. Maybe sister U. could confirm this to me.

On Thursday morning was busy and left the kids entertained themselves with the Quraish game (pc cd-rom). They were so quite, witnesses can confirm this. ;)

On Friday we were, yet again, at the Natural Museum. We went to see the butterfly exhibition and one more visit to the Dinos as the sister who was with us never visited the Museum. The butterfly exhibition was really nice. This is the second year we attended and mash'Allah every year we learn something new. We made a search engine to find more info about some butterflies namely brimstone, swallowtail and peacock and also visited the nature detective website to enter the competition. The boys chose the swallotail and the brimstone butterflies.

Saturday (today) A. was at his supplementary school and enjoyed hockey, tennis, French, art, and literacy! Mash'Allah!! In the last few months he performs so many different sports e.g. tennis, tennis table, badminton, rock climbing, hockey, gymnastics and football. He could also benefit fully from the school resources such as ICT , French and the science lab.

Qur'an and Arabic was on as usual. The kids can now read nicely and knows most of the tajweed rules. They are still reading slowly and most of the time need to read with spelling but the tutor is confident. I feel helpless and I wish I could do more. Ya Allah increase me in knowledge. Amin.

Last but not least:

-The Greeks are leaving us and it was about time!! :) ;

-One more lapbook is on the way, soon to be revealed the theme.

Have a nice weekend and an happy beginning of the week to all!

wa alaykum assalam


S. butterfly. He used glitter for the butterfly's eyes (circle shapes)

and for the body. The rest is foam mosaic and crayons.

A. butterfly. He used foam mosaic, glitter and crayons.
S. butterfly from the art and craft club. I believe he used
oil crayons.
Cracking ideas free resource pack
At the exhibition, free playground for my mini beasts.

S. is holding a butterfly
Blue butterfly

Bird of paradise flower
Painted lady Butterfly
Buckeye butterfly
Red Hibiscus
No butterflies! Just some little, cute and I bet delicious cakes in a very
posh shop!
Finished S. lapbook about Safety Tips.
Greek Mask used in a Theatre (tragedy)
The plasticine house, rug, table with fruit bowl and a closed book.
On the back a lamp, a man sitting with a newspaper.
The complete house with living room and bedroom.