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Friday, 30 May 2008

When friends depart...

Assalamu alaykum,

my kids have been sad lately. They have just learnt that their best friends will leave soon.

They will not seeing or talking any more as they are used to with them, they will have less contact with them and I will too!

By the end of August, my dearest sister, you know who you are, will leave UK to head to Sharjah. A new beginning for her and her family. A new life and I pray that Allah will bless their hijrah. Amin.

More often we hear of sisters and their families leaving for hijrah.

Some are more close to our heart, some come and go, other left a mark on us.

Just last week, another dearest sister left for hijrah. *******MISSING YOU*******

When friends depart is hard. I hate the goodbyes and feel sad. I myself left my native country to be here in UK. I don't have a family here and after all these years (10 to be exact), I still miss my family terribly. Somethings will never change! :(

I have heard of sisters leaving their home country for hijrah and finding it difficult for many reasons...I, myself, still didn't get used to the taste of food around here. Everything seems to taste different. Not to talk about the weather, the education, the NHS etc. Hamdulillah. we are travellers in this world, travellers we should adapt anywhere. I have never really complained about being away from home, but I miss it. As Muslims we should adapt and get used to live and sleep under Allah's sky, anywhere we are. After all, it's Allah's land, it all belong to HIm (subhana wa Ta'Ala)

I do also feel blessed to be here as I don' think I could manage being Muslims back home. In fact the mentality and attitude towards what's different is totally radical. Either you are a native or you are out...

Hamdulillah Allah guided me to a better place where I can freely practice my deen. This bring to my mind the diversity of UK, mainly of London.

I love the multiculturalism and the fact that you can be in one city and still travel the world through the stories, colours, flavours, tastes, foods, variety etc of London!

We all choose our own journey, we try our best to make it safe for us and our kids, and we pray to Allah to bless us. May Allah always guide us to make the best choices for us and our kids. Amin.


Oum Anas said...

Salaam. Interesting view points.

I've tagged you. You can take part if you like.

Bilikis said...

Masha Allahu, it's a thoughtful read because I have never felt at home here and am sure people're tired of hearing me say that...same old song.Your children will definately miss their friends.May Allah be with them wherever they go....I've never got used to being away from my home country, so I know the feeling..Nice blog..