'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Busy week and hot days...

Assalamu alaykum all,

isn't it so beautiful when the weather gets warmer and days are longer? I love to spent entire days out with my boys.
The sun is out and the sky is blue...mash'Allah! London is full of energy during these days...
We had very few busy days around here. My dh is travelling as he went for his sister funeral which took place on Sunday. The kids and I were left behind as tickets are so expensive and short notice plus baby has got no passport as yet. I took the decision to keep my brain and my kids busy as we felt too sad for my dh and family all. Also my kids are off from madrassa for the whole week and will go back on Monday 12..

So here's our week!
Monday we had a pic-nic in the park with friends. Kids enjoyed playing football and learnt that staying too close to the ducks while eating a sandwich is never a good idea!
Tuesday we went to the Natural History Museum for a new exhibition 'The amazing Butterflies'. We went with other home edders and had such a lovely day! The boys and I visited the Natural History Museum for the second time and also the Science Museum just next door. We came back home late afternoon and were so tired!

Wednesday- another full day in the park. This time we took our bikes and enjoyed a good riding. In the afternoon we cleaned up our garden, mownedthe lawn and planted few new plants. Today, Thursday- again the park. As other children are school we took the opportunity to go in the morning. The park is so nice and quite in the morning. Kids are at school and no many dogs are around! Also we went for a quick visit to the local library to return few books and borrowed some new ones. In the afternoon a sister and her kids came for a visit and we all spent time in my cleaned garden!
Tomorrow Friday, insh'Allah, we have the science club and then afternoon free. I may take them to the local City Farm. insh'Allah.
This week my older one spent most of his free time reading. I bought him few more Dr Seuss books. He is currently reading 'One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue Fish' , 'Inside your outside- All about the Human body' , 'There is no place like space- All About the Solar System' .
It has been a busy week, it started with a sad news for us all...