'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Saturday, 17 May 2008

...And down came the rain!!

Assalamu alaykum, another week has gone! I cannot believe I am saying it again! But yes it happened again...doesn't time just fly?

So let's see. Monday we had yet another pic-nic in the park. This time it was a family day out. Dh back from abroad and so we decided to lift up his spirit with a day out in the park.

We went in a beautiful location, far from the hustle and bustle of London. It was nice to spent time together with kids and specially dh. Mash'Allah wa al-hamdulillah.

These days have been hard for him and I wanted to give him some relief, even if only for few hours. Kids played football and showed their new found love for nature walks and science knowledge!

Tuesday. We went to the Lady Diana Memorial playground, please read Lady Diana Memorial Playground.

Wednesday, business as usual.Calvert in the morning and madrassa in the afternoon. Kids came back home so tired as after more than 10 days off madrassa, they lost their routine!

Thursday, another full day of homeschooling. Now we are revisiting Phonics, specially tricky sounds such as G in garage and G in Angel, also
Mb at the end of a word (silent b), e.g. comb, lamb, climb.
Sc at the beginning of a word followed by 'e' or 'i', (silent c), e.g. scene, scent, science, scissors (except for the word 'sceptic' and its derivations!).
Kn (silent k), e.g. knife, knock, know.
Mn at the end of a word (silent n), e.g. damn, autumn, column
Ps at the beginning of a word (silent p), e.g. psalm, psychiatry, psychology
Ght (silent gh), e.g. night, ought, taught
Gn at the beginning of a word (silent g), e.g. gnome, gnaw, gnu
Bt (silent b), e.g. debt, doubtful, subtle (but not in some words, e.g. 'obtain', 'unobtrusive'!)

Also we are repeating the CVCe.

In Maths we are learning, or I should say re-visited tens and ones, less than <> .

In Science we are now learning about the weather and how it changes. We made a calendar and A is recording how the weather changes daily. He has lots to put down, specially these day. It's rainy, cold, cloudy, sunny, hot, warm, back to get the picture! lol!

In Social Studies and Geography we are learning how to use a compass rose and maps.

Friday morning we went for our weekly science club and afterwards we headed for madrassa.

We finally were given the dates for the final year exams. They will start on 30 June with Qur'an and then carry on with the other subjects, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Ahadith, etc.

Saturday, we went swimming in the morning. The new teacher finally had to accept the fact that my kids won't wear shorter shorts (excuse me the riddle!). They always wore shorts up to their knees and below...hamdulillah never had problem with other teachers. They just changed teacher as they both went up a level; she is a new teacher and I had to explain again about our religious requirement!

In the afternoon we attended a charity event to raise money for the Burma catastrophe.

May Allah make it easy and bring relief to them. Amin.

Every day we are reading more and more about new disasters, Allah Akbar!

Please do donate for the Burma appeal. You can do so online. Islamic Relief is a leading in this kind of projects. You can visit their website

Insh'Allah tomorrow will be my sport day. I am going for swimming. All by my own...insh'Allah. Doesn't sound has been long time since the last time I swam. Insh'Allah that should do me good, specially for my back probs.