'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

OK then, some sort of routine

Assalamu alaykum,
OK, for those of you that have pointed out...yes we do have some sort of routine in the midst of our days!

Here it goes:
Monday: Halaqa study for me and creche for the kids then Madrassa for the kids;
Tuesday: Karate and Madrassa;
Wednesday: Anything we like to do, range of activities from art&craft to visiting the local farm!Madrassa;
Thursday: Again anything we enjoy to do! Madrassa;
Friday: Rest, pray at the local Masjid and reading of the Qur'an. Madrassa;
Saturday: Karate and rest of the day cleaning, ironing and helping around the house;
Sunday: Swimming and football for the kids. A day of rest for me!!
Next Month this schedule will be review again as my kids might be starting the Montessori Islamic school once a week or the Calvert Curriculum, remember the post about 'Which way now?'
That's all really! I wish I could integrate some more 'schooling' into my routine but I have to accept the fact that my children loves their freedom and learn best by doing things.