'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Saturday, 15 March 2008

A refreshing post...

Assalamu alaykum,
a refreshing was about time!
'After the hardship comes ease...'
Allah is so Merciful! I was at a breaking point and Allah is always so Merciful with His servants!
Ask Allah when you need and thanks Him often. Hamdulillah Rabii Alamin.
Allah Al Fattah!
So after the hardship, a rainbow in our grey sky. I registered A with Calvert and although we have had a place in the Islamic Montessori School, we decided to opt out.
Insh'Allah, this is the way me and dh decided to get and we are feeling so positive about it.
Also A will be having soon his first appointment with the community paediatrician.Insh'Allah we will soon know if he has a condition and how to help him.
In the meantime I am changing 'routine' again. So from Monday dh will have 2 days off to spent with me and the kids. We will all do the house chores on one day only. That means that the rest of the week we will concentrate on the kids education and sports activities.
Insh'Allah. I pray this will work for us all.
I am also getting the kids used to understand each other when they speak, listen and reply, be polite, share and take turns. I have always tried to stress these few points to no avail and the gave up after the first hurdle, this time I am more determined because I know A will benefit from this new tactic. insh'Allah.
I will keep you update about when we will start Calvert curriculum. They will ship it soon, it should take about 7 days to arrive from USA. Insh'Allah.