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Monday, 25 February 2008

Which way now?

Assalamu alaykum,
here it goes again that time of the year when my dh asks about the kids education. 'Er...what are the kids learning now? My friend's kids they are going to the public school and they are learning blah, blah, blah....'
Why every time my dh speaks with other dads gets into those 'horrible' thoughts of sending the kids to public school??
I am now facing a dilemma. We found a lovely Montessori Muslim school for my kids. I won't be happy to register them full time as I love my kids at home learning with me. But dh likes the idea. I do like to register them part-time. Dh is not so happy about that. Hamdulillah different views!
The other option is to have them study distance learning full time with Calvert programme, dh idea!! I swear! If I could get it my way it would be unschooling all the way.
So I think we have to agree to disagree and pray our istikhara to decide what's best for our kids.


Umm Yehiya said...

MashaAllah. I'm kind of a closet unschooling-lover.

Maybe I need to read more of your posts (this is the first one, for me), but I'm so curious what a typical day is like for you?

May Allah grant you with what is best for your children, and your family. Ameen!

love from your sister in Islam.

muslimah trying to home edu said...

Assalamu alaykum sis,
I really enjoying reading your blog too! I have not posted anything about a typical day around we don't have a typical day! Everyday it's different. I may try to give out some possible ways to involve kids into learning using the unschooling method. I have already mentioned about visits, outings we do. Kids learn a lot that way.
I believe that just reading is not enough for our kids' bright minds. They need more.
Love for the sake of Allah