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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Just an update

Assalamu alaykum sisters,

I cannot believe how long it took me to write an update. I have less time now that the boys are at school. In fact my energies all goes to keep little man busy. I am so happy that Baby S. can attend toddler groups, baby yoga, baby football and gym and so much more.
So here is the update, just a quickie. Sorry no pics.

Finally A. got a place in hamdulillah, that mean an easier day for me because so far i had to rush around trying to arrive early for S. but ended up every time late for A. The school was too far!

Kids are happy settled in the new school. S. is now learning divisions and carried on with timetables. He can solve small problems involving divisions and additions. Everyday at school S. does lot of spellings and reading. In Science he is learning about the five senses. Also this week S.class had the opportunity to host some very important people in our community and learnt about their role. S. was impressed by the role of the fireman, the doctor and a road cleaner. They then had to write about why he chose a particular role model. He found the process really interesting.Mash'Allah.

A. has carried on the work about journalism. His teacher is really lovely and everyday I had a chance to speak to her about A.progress. She said is a very talkative and inquisitive child mash'Allah. She was impressed to learn that A. knows how to use different applications with the PC and knows how to assemble a movie with Movie Maker. Remember the movie he made?
In Maths they are learning division and multiplications up to x12.
Both kids are busy all week long with free activities after school organized by the school, mash'Allah such as football, multi-skills, karate, computing and so much more.
Qur'an and Arabic is coming along really nicely and while S. is finishing off 30th Juz Amma, A. is well under way finishing 29th Juzz. Hamdulillah wa mash'Allah.

And for now that's all.
May you have all a happy week.
wa alaykum assalam


ummrashid said...

Sounds great, maashAllah.