'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Happy! :)

Assalamu alaykum,

I am just so happy about what's happening I decided to write it down straight away. Having this blog have made such a difference and it is such a great idea to keep track of my boys' progresses.
Now that A. and S. are in the same school I am more happy and calm. No more rushing around and I have more time to spend with them after school.Hamdulillah!
I have realized something really important today. I look at my kids and see their progress, they have come a loooong way, mash'Allah! Something really amazed me; they really do love reading!
I find that reading is not just picking up a book, for my kids reading is a total different experience, They read and ask questions, they want to know, they are thirsty to learn and discover. They read everyday and if it is not homework or sports activities is all about books! Mash'Allah!!
One more thing that amazed me, since they started school their confidence, speech, language and knowledge have boosted up big time. Specially S. who has never been at school and was just too shy, he is now a little confident young man and he can now talk about his day at school so proudly and happily. Mash'Allah!!!
The skills they are acquiring and the knowledge is something I could not have done it only by homeschooling them. What they are learning about the world around them is so amazing. They now have friends and they can see them everyday. Before it was always them two. Now they have that bit of independence that can benefit them now and insh'Allah in the future. Hamdulillah. I am also so happy about the school; hamdulillah because we live in a predominantly Muslim area and the school is a reflection of that:food is halal, on 'Eid day the kids are at home, school is aware of the fact that as Muslims we do not take part in singing or music lessons and won't make a fuss out of it. Hamdulillah.
Just some of my thoughts that I needed to share