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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

ON and OFF

Assalamu alaykum,

last week we didn't homeschool. Kids have been unwell. We are still non totally back on track and it has been on/off for the last few days.

We are slowly going back to a normal routine.

I had lot to think about it and hamdulillah things are more clear now and I feel I am ready to re-start. I am re-thinking our home educating method. I really do feel strongly about a more natural approach to home education. I feel kids should be kids until the right age, in Islam that's around 7 years old. Still I like my kids not to get too stressed over learning and taking things a bit more relaxed. I experienced a much more enjoyable period of learning when we were unschooling. Insh'Allah once Calvert will be over next year, I will go for a more 'easy' programme. I have just looked into couple of programmes that I am really interested and they would work great with my kids. Insh'Allah.

I am also re-considering their Islamic upbringing and Arabic/Qur'an are top of the list. I am thinking to un-registered them from the evening madrassa and teach them at home. I can do Islamic Studies and have a tutor for Arabic and Qur'an. Insh'Allah I am looking into this now and will see what will come out of my research. I so miss some good days out with my crew! When you are bound to a programme like Calvert you have to stay at home and follow it until the end. There is good and bad in it. I do feel the programme is great in many aspects. It is already laid out and very well made. Every topic we study is linked throughout the subjects. The resources are very colourful and the method is an old school style. They expect the child to learn cursive.

In many aspects Calvert has been a great success in my home and I would choose it again if it weren't for the fact that you are bound to stay at home and follow through just like in school. But I like to take my kids out and learn about Allah's creation, mash'Allah! Hands-on learning, that's what I like!

For the past week, we enjoyed time together, playing with GEO MAX, puzzles, Arabic matching game, Dominoes and of course LEGO. Also lots of colouring has been going on. We received new packs of coloured pencils and play dough gifts from a dear sister. Check Spelling

For now

x wa alaykum assalam


ummi said...

Salam sister,

Keepit up. At the momoment from what I been through i feel like we do need a structure especilly when they grow bigger. Structure learning and set up planning help alots. The way that I found nice and easy is get a set of curriculum but using it on your own space. As I was using with minds printing and also now i start to used book for ad duha for arabic and islamic studie. Not atached to their learning program, but get their ready set book and go through on your own pace with your children. I'd found out that mix of schooling and unschooling method is very beneficial.

ummrashid said...

If you find a lighter programme, inshAllah, you can be more flexible and have days out and days in.
Maybe it is the part about submitting the work that makes Calvert restrictive?

muslimah trying to home edu said...

Assalamu alaykum sister ummi and sister ummrashid,
I guess I am just feeling tired and need to recharge. Also I am not more motivated as I used to be in using Calvert. This is all down to the fact that I know there are much better resources for my kids. Insh'Allah I will be better soon. Just need to get my head around Calvert few more months. It would be a shame to waste almost one year of work!Ad-Duha curriculum looks great and I wanted that since but then boys started madrassa. Hamdulillah.
Will look into Ad-Duha soon as things are about to change around here ;) hope for the better. Will post soon.
Jazak'Allahu kheif for your comments, means a lot to me.