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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

A journey through the Universe!

Assalamu alaykum,
another great week of home education has gone! So quickly.
We have had full week. Boys have been busy learning about the Universe and the world around us. We use the DVDs from the new Harun Yahya collection 'Documentaries for thinking children'.
We all sat down to watch the DVDs and we learnt so much. But the one my kids love best is 'Journey through the Universe' . So much to learn about planets and the solar system. A. sat down with the Qur'an and look up all the ayats mentioned in the DVD. Many of which were in Surah Al Baqara. Mash'Allah.

This past week we have been concentrating mainly in History with A.
He has been asking questions about the Stone age and the Ice Age. We watched together the Horrible History DVD about the two eras and talked about it. A decided to draw some pics about Netherlands men. No eyes drawn.
A. received his marked test from Calvert this morning and he was so happy. The teacher said that she is happy A. is improving in writing cursive. He got a big gold star and he was so pleased!This is test 60, we still need to work on 100 lessons before April 2009.

In Qur'an A. is learning Surah Al Buruj and this week lots of Arabic writing has taken place. They are now using Gateway to Arabic book 2. The teacher asked him to write the first 10 ayats of Surah Al Buruj. Also they are revising Ahadith from Bukhari and Muslim (number 1-8) in Arabic. In Islamic Studies they are revisiting the Tawheed. Lots to revise!

S. carried on with reading. I moved him up one level and made sure he can read at least five or more of the most common words. In Maths S. is learning tens and ones. It was hard to explain him at first then I decided to get a bag and put inside 10 objects leaving out few. Then I asked him how many objects I had in the bag and so explained him that the objects in the bag were my tens and the objects outside my bag were my ones. He understood, smiles all around! :)
in Arabic is re-learning about fatha, kasra and damma. In Qur'an they are learning Surah Al Qariah or should I say revising as many kids including S. forgot many of the past lessons. Good on the teachers to keep on repeating all the Surahs learnt last year and the Arabic grammar!
No pics this week as I have been too busy with my study and had a bit of a technical problem with my pc DVd player.

Just a quick update! I am so tired and I better get some rest until I can, as baby S. will be up soon for his night feed!

wa alaykum assalam


Mujahida said...

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Mashaa Allah ukhti!
I like your blog!
I'd like to talk with you, insha Allah. About hijra and so on.
Please, visit my profile and write me an e-mail, insha Allah.
Barak'Allahu fiki.

Salamu aleikum...ciao ciao!!!

muslimah trying to home edu said...

Assalamu alaykum Mujahida,
welcome to my blog! Mash'Allah!
Sorry to be so late with my reply. I have been so busy.
Insh'Allah avro' tempo di visitare il tuo blog. Scrivimi la tua email in un messaggio, non ti preoccupare cancellero' il messaggio.
Ci sentiamo
wa alaykum assalam

Riaz said...

I have recently finished reading Development of Science & Technology in Islamic History by Shabeer Ahmed. It's very interesting.