'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

NHM: Story time and more!

Assalamu alaykum,

on Tuesday kids and I decided to join our homeschooling Group for another great day out! We braved the freezing cold in early hours of the morning, well not too early. We left at around 9am.

We were joined by another home educating sister in East London and together we reached our destination: Natural History Museum for 'Story Time'!

The Natural History Museum was the first Museum I visited in London back in 1998 when I first came to study English.

Back to our day out. Kids and I brought back home so many pics and learnt so much.
So much for a single day out. Let's see:

-a workshop about penguins;

-scientific explanation behind two of the most told stories for kids: Goldilocks and the three bears and Rapunzel;

-mammals, A enjoyed so much the big whale and was just keep on saying 'WOW with a big open mouth! :) Alesson about Yunus and the whale was obbligatory!

-learning about rocks and mineral, kids draw their favourite rocks and wrote down a short description of each rock;

-volcanoes and earthquakes, S got so scared of the earthquake simulator. I don't think I will ever take him again;

-finally the old loved 'Dinos'

The Museum was busy with school children but we had such a fab time and we did really enjoy the day after such a long time indoor!

We brought back home some sample of rocks and minerals, a big giant 3D puzzle of the Dinosaurs and a book about Dinosaurs.