'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Ramadan lapbook and hama beads!

Assalamu alaykum,

4 days no writing! Sorry days are just too fast to catch up and I get busier by the minute around here!

So what have we been up to?

Wednesday 13 August we stayed partly indoors, study Calvert and carried on with our new project 'Ramadan lapbook 2008'. (soon to follow pics insh'Allah.) We are filling in two lapbooks, one for A and one for S.

Two different levels and lots to colour, write, learn and read. We bought two new books about Ramadan: 'Oops I forgot' by Asma Ahmad and 'Is it time yet' by Asma Ahmad.

Thursday 14 had a full day out with the kids. Visited some friends and made weekly shopping.

Friday 15- day at the Mosque for us and study circle. We got used to go to the Mosque every Friday. I know it may sounds surreal but there are not Mosques in my area so I have to travel to go to Jumuah. Hamdulillah. The fact that I study in the same Mosque where I then pray Jumuah makes it so worthwile! Hamdulillah Rabbi 'Alamin for the ukhti that teach me. May Allah reward her.Amin.

Saturday today 16. We have been out for a good walk early in the morning. Had to pick up a pack from the post office and then back at home. We had so many things to do today including an Islamic event with a talk, fire safety free activities for kids and a day in the park with a dear ukhti and her boys. In the end I decided to stay indoors to catch up on my chores, ironing was on top of my list, followed closely by dusting, washing curtains and windows! All done and I should say dusted!

Kids have been creating some lovely trucks with Hama beads while I was at my cleaning. I was inspired by We love Home Edu. Jazak'Allahu kheiri sister, you are always so inspiring!


Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

MashaAllah these truks are just great mashaallah , may go gets some hamma beeds now!