'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Monday, 23 November 2009

A new member in the family

Assalamu alaykum all,

this past few days have been really rewarding for me. The kids have been very good in sticking with our new routine: fajr-school-after school clubs-homework-Qur'an and Arabic.
I would have preferred Qur'an and Arabic early in the morning, and we do so on Saturdays and Sundays but because of the school and other commitments of the teacher, we have to wait for it until late afternoon.
Hamdulillah so far the boys are happy with this new routine and kept busy with worksheets at home. Mash'Allah wa hamdulillah.
Qur'an have been the most rewarding of all, mash'Allah. A. is well on the way to finish a new Juz and I am so proud of him mash'Allah, may Allah always keep him and us in the straight Path.Amin. May Allah increase us in knowledge.Amin.
So what have we worked on?
A. finished his lapbook about slavery for the Black Month History. He also has been working on division and multiplication, verbs and contractions. In Science he completed a research about a reptile, Komodo dragon.
S. is learning timetables x2,x5,x10 and at school they do always lots of reading and text comprehension. In Science he is learning about natural things (Allah's creation) and man-made things.
We have also been talking about Hajj and the importance of the first 10 days of Dhul Hijah.
I am looking again for a valid Islamic Curriculum. I might buy the one from Ad-Duha institute insh'Allah. In the past years I resorted to use books from Islamic shops specially from Darussalam.
Swimming and wrestling has been on as usual. We are almost at the end of the last term for this year and I am so looking forward to know if A. will make to the advanced level in swimming. Insh'Allah.
And now for our new little member:
my love for the animals have brought me to choose for my kids, and for me lol, a dwarf Russian hamster.
And here it is!!! I love the idea that the kids will take on a bit of the responsibility of looking after such a tiny pet making sure he gets all he needs during the day. Mash'Allah.
Looking after a pet and prior to that researching about the pet ones wants to look after is really very educational not just for the kids! :)
Also this week...
Kids decorated their bedroom with this wall stickers,
a super road for the rally cars
inside the lapbbok about slavery

playing snap in a 'healthy' way!!
some more on Lego world! I don't think my boys will never grow out
of this one.

S. is doing his school work

Our little Hammy