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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

School days

Assalamu alaykum all my dearest readers!

another update about the school experience so far.
Kids have started. S. has been at school now for about 2 weeks while A. just started last Monday.
So far we have no encounter major issues a part from A. being fussy over the school dinner!
They are enjoying so far the school experience and learning a lot on the way. In fact learning is coming tick and fast! S. is progressing in Maths really fast and only in the past 3 days has been coming home telling me all about capacity, measure, and weight! Mash'Allah!
I had my first parent evening in S.'school. The teacher, a caring Muslim sister, said she is really impressed with S. reading skills and phonics! Mash'Allah. She said he is enjoying the socialization aspects and he likes to take part in all the activities except music!! Ya Allah! She said it is not a major problem if he doesn't want to take part in music. Hamdulillah.
A. is enjoying the socialization side too and finding working with his friends really fun and rewarding. He said he can now have friends of his age, mash'Allah. He used to work with his little brother at home.
On the downside now :( Boys are attending two different schools and it makes it so hard for me to drop them and pick them up as I have to be in both places at the same time. A. couldn't get a place in S. school because it is overcrowded! A. didn't enjoy the school dinners and I will have to make pack lunches. S. had a problem in the playground with a child and was accused by one of the dinner's lady to be naughty! Astafirullah!! I spoke to them straight away and put the record right. My child is not naughty and I feel that jumping to conclusion without asking to the child what happened is really not on!! But then again this is real life experience and my kids will have to get on with it and be strong. Life's full of tests!
Missing my kids terribly...

Kids are so busy now with school, after school clubs, swimming, Qur'an and Arabic everyday, wrestling on weekend that I don't get a chance to sit with them and do work. Just couple of hours a week and I was hoping to carry on some work at home...what was i thinking???
Still some days we sit and do worksheets and lots of reading every evening. We talk a lot about things related to school and non. My boys are growing into young man and I am so worry now, really I am.
While I am writing, I am looking out the window, From here I can see S. playing in the school playground. Mash'Allah kids looks so happy and a bit wild!!! :)

for now
wa alaykum assalam