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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

ICT and lots of fun!!

Assalamu alaykum,
While I am writing this new post from my mobile, my two younger ones are swimming in a big pool full of soft toys and colourful balls. I can hear them shouting, screaming and just enjoying being together in this great play area, one of many near my home. It's open everyday in summer from 9am to 2pm and from Monday to Friday same time as before, in school days.
We often come here. It's here where I can rest as I know it's a clean and safe area and the kids are inside and cannot leave. I just sit and enjoy looking at them climbing, running, sliding, swimming etc. MashAllah.
While sitting I am thinking about the months to come...Ramadan and then after a new school year. I haven't decided yet about the curriculum and still not sure what I will do. Just a vague idea. Dh wants the kids to go to school and once again I am finding myself fighting an needless 'battle'. Need to make duas and stay steadfast. I need once again to go back to my Lord and ask for guidance.
InshAllah the month of Ramadan is soon and we cannot wait. I am stocking up on art and craft materials. Keeping the kids busy, insh'Allah. I am also looking out for DVDs with stories about Ramadan, books and need to spruce up the old collection of PC CD-ROM. All to keep the kids busy while fasting long hours. at school for all week. He started a new course: ICT. He is enjoying and learnt about a new software to make videos, using Windows Word and how to create a folder. The week is not over yet, two more days. Next week A.will be at another course. This time will be literacy and numeracy. InshAllah.
Also gardening has been really a great activity with the boys this summer. We planted new flowers and plants. Cleaned up the front garden and tidied up the bushes. Mowed the lawn and gave a good clean to our shed and garden furniture! By the end of the day the kids were exhausted!!
We had few picnics here and there, not as many as I was hoping, weather has not been great but hamdulillah.
Quran and Arabic was on as usual. Kids are progressing nicely and I am hoping they can develop true love for the Qur'an, not just repeating like parrots! I need to remind them constantly why we read the Qur'an and why it is so important. The tafseer booklets from Ad-Duha are great for this purpose and I am looking forward for Ad-Duha Institute to re-open their website to purchase the rest of the Tafseer collection, insh'Allah.

For now, enjoy your week!

wa alaykum assalam

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C. for friendlysisterhood said...

That's where you go while I try to call you at home!!I would like to have a try as well!!! I'm just imagining my children busy in this fantastic swimming pool and me with you my dear Sister sipping a good tea! Insha'Allah one day!
Jazakillah kheir for sharing your nice ideas! As for the curriculum you will choose, let us know insha'Allah!
A big hug! Um Zakariya