'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Saturday, 25 July 2009


Assalamu alaykum,

yes, we are totally relax, doing no much a part from Qur'an and Arabic!!

We sent back the last test to Calvert and so it's goodbye for now...maybe on September we will get the 3rd grade? We'll see. For now I need rest, my boys need rest and we all need time to get ready for Ramadan, insh'Allah. Hamdulillah.

Kids had busy two weeks with far more that I was expected! They tried out a new sport: fencing and attended so far 4 lessons. They really liked it and asked to go again next week, insh'Allah.

We attended the annual Al-Noor funday and it was mash'Allah! We try to go every year as it is the only occasion we can enjoy in an halal environment, and kids get to go on the fun rides with their Muslim friends, hamdulillah.

No much more to say but the pictures will make the talk...sorry just tired from a day out at the farm!

So for now jazakallahu kheiran to all of you, dear readers! I was overwhelmed by all the lovely emails I received. I was not aware that I had so many readers, mash'Allah wa hamdulillah.

Wa alaykum assalam



ummrashid said...

My daughters have really enjoyed those colour and cut out books. They have played with them for hours, alhamdulillah.