'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Saturday, 6 June 2009

We have all learnt something new!

Assalamu alaykum,

one more week of great activities have passed by so quickly.

I am so late in updating this blog just really busy up to my eyes with study and homeschooling!

So here it goes 'The List'!

-Monday to Wednesday: home schooled the kids. Monday afternoon:Swimming and Tuesday afternoon:Art and Craft Club! S. learnt a bit about pottery and made his first tile and a small cup with clay. Wednesday afternoon: we spent our time in the library enjoying books and a reading session in a small group of children.

-Thursday:we attended the weekly homeschooling meeting at the park. While there, I ended up sitting with a dear ukhti that taught me how to knit!!! I couldn't believe it, me?Knitting? My mum and sister are shocked and wanted the proof of me knitting. I had to take some pics!! Thursday: afternoon I sat with my knitting needles and started my first, very own project! Don't yet what it is. It could be anything, from a scarf to a purse, to a very large bag!! But it's pink that's for certain!

-Friday: we went to 'Discover' in Stratford and learnt all about pirates. They had set up a pirate theme and there was so much to learn and do!

- Saturday: A. attended the supplementary school and enjoyed ICT and English. We spent the afternoon indoor with me studying and kids watching documentaries and science experiments on TV.

Qur'an and Arabic was on as usual. We have carried on using the tafsir booklets from ad-duha institute. Now that the kids can read much better Arabic I'd like to introduce some fiction books in Arabic. I visited this website and it looks great!

Just a bit about the baby. He is talking a lot lately and love reading Qur'an with his brothers. He also enjoying books and salah with his papa! Mash'Allah!

Well, I better go back to my molecules before I get too caught up here...happy home education to all!

wa alaykum assalam