'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Thursday, 11 June 2009

A Photographic update of our week!

Assalamu alaykum
just a photographic update to cut time but keep on top of the blog!! LOL!

Snails have been eating up all our beans plants

Just one survived and mash'Allah look the small beans

Cherry tomatoes are growing nicely

A.'s plants growing fine

More pics of A.'s flowers

Potatoes, is it time to take them out???

Kids built a masjid with their new found love for woody toys

S. new mini book

And a massive pyramid made out Lego

Yum, yum, Baked Aubergines, S. helped with the dish

New found love for cooking. S.

Magnetic tiles, decorated by S.

A.'s learning Cross stitching

Decorating the bathroom tiles with Bath crayons

More on bath crayons

S.'s building with woody blocks

A lovely Hadith colouring book from Umm An-Nu'man website

S.'s mini book about cursive letters

The List:

-Qur'an and Arabic as usual. Kids are progressing very well. I was wondering if we were allowed to celebrate when a child finishes a Juzz of the Qur'an;

-Swimming and wrestling was on as usual;

-Visited the Library almost everyday as S. is so into reading now. Need more books...thebookspeople here I come!;

-had a massive clear out and gave away all the plastic toys. We replaced with some nice old style woody toys mainly bought from charity shop and couple from ELC. We will keep to few but good ones.

-Kids started a new hobby: cross stitching. A. is really into it but S. got bored after the first try.

-A. finished to read all his collection of 10 books of Roal Dahl and his favourite was 'Danny the Champion of the World'

-re-organized all our files and folders that contain all the worksheets and resources for this coming year;

...the end!

wa alaykum assalam



ummrashid said...

Last year the snails ate our sunflowers (except one). It puts me off trying to grow those kinds of plants.
They don't like begonias, snapdragons or geraniums I think. Or pansies and violas.

Anonymous said...


Love the wooden toys. Where do you get your stuff ffrom mashaAllah

Re Juz of Quran: do you mean finishing reading it or memorizing it? As I know of a hadith of a sahabi who made a walima (party) after he finished memorizing surah baqarah.