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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Planting potatoes and getting ready for spring!

Assalamu alaykum

it was another week off from our beloved books!! The past few weeks we had taken really easy on the home education front!

The website I am using for S is offline for some tech issues and with Calvert we have almost done, so why not take another week off, eh?!?

Monday dh was at home, again! I was amazed, two Mondays in a row! Kids were happy so was I. But not for long. I ended up in hospital with a very sharp pain in my lower right side of the abdomen...a suspected appendix? I spent the morning at the hospital while kids were at home with dh. They has such fun and apparently took dh 'hostage' in their bedroom to show him all they like to do and more!

I was back at home by lunchtime. The sharp pain was nonetheless an inflammation of my intestine! I don't know why, doct. gave me some paracetamol and that's it! Typical.

During the afternoon we all went to the park. Baby S. enjoyed for the first time a good walk in the park trying to chase this child and that one! Bless him.

Tuesday we met up with a new cyber friend and another sister from the blogworld. Spent the morning at the Natural History Museum, again. Kids liked so much the mammals section and wanted to stay longer but we had to rush back home for the Qur'an and Arabic lessons.

After the Qur'an and Arabic lessons, they headed for their weekly wrestling training.

Wednesday we stayed indoors and managed a day of Calvert and phonics for S.

Thursday I had some errands to run and afterwards I took the kids to madrassa. Friday we went to the park and we received some Potatoes for Schools . My kids are looking forward to dig up some holes in the garden!

We are getting the garden ready for spring and kids have been helping cleaning the patio and removing shrubs and weeds. Mash'Allah!

This morning A. attended the supplementary school and came back home very cheerful. He said he learnt how to play tennis and also enjoyed again

A very easy week, not much done but lots have been achieved. S. can now read nicely and he is using higher level books. Also I find that S. understands Maths pretty easily and amazingly I can leave him to work on his own with little guidance. Reading has made such a difference!

A. stuck his nose into a new set of books I got him from the Book People 'History News Collection' and he suddenly remember about his DVDs collection of 'Horrible Histories'

I leave you with some pics taken by A.


ummof3 said...

Aa sis, so glad to hear you are better - hope the pain has now gone! Also pray you find great success in your studies inshaallah. I hope we can meet up soon in the easter holidays - really want our kids to me inshaallah. Take care xx ws (Shima)xx

muslimah trying to home edu said...

Assalamu alaykum sis ummof3, what a pleasant surprise!!
Mash'Allah! Would love to meet up, insh'Allah. Hopefully this time we will get to see each other, I am always so busy, sorry ukhti! :(
For now take care