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Friday, 5 December 2008

V&A Museum

Assalamu alaykum,
we set off early this morning for the Victoria and Albert Museum.

I didn't know what to expect as the last time I visited this particular Museum was back in 1998 and my memories faded.

The kids were so excited to be out of the house after such a long time. Since we stopped the evening madrassa we have been mainly indoors and it's not like us to be in!

When we arrived at the Museum I was a bit nervous and wanted to go back home. Inside the Museum there were mainly University students and professors and also the 'posh' people as my eldest called them.
I was feeling like a fish out of the tank and didn't know then if I wanted to carry on with the visit or go back home.

We decided to approach the only 'friendly' face around. An old lady at the desk maybe on her 60s. I smiled at her and with my Italian accent I kindly asked her if she could direct me where to get the free back packs for my kids to start our visit of the British Gallery.

She opened a big map, it was a massive 4 floors map. She started telling me about this and that, the family trails, the art and crafts, the free activities, the film room, Henry VIII and she pointed to the big map drawing a line on where I should go from the reception onwards.

She was very kind, polite with an aristocratic way of speaking English, the English I learnt at school back 15 years ago or ;)

I was relieved, I took the kids coats and hats and headed for their cloakroom. We left everything there. We stopped at the next reception on the 2nd floor and picked up our free back packs. Inside the boys had two maps, two mp3 player, lots of activities to make and colour and so much to read. The trails we choose was Henry VIII as we studied about it and my eldest was eager to know more about the Tudors.

Also in the back packs we had another trails to follow called the 18th century and the beautiful furnishing of that particular century.

We started our visit with Henry VIII. So many activities and so much to talk about. The trails contain all you need to speak about the Tudors and Henry VIII. Also the kids enjoyed making a coat of arms, building a real Tudor chair, and a Tudor tapestry.

We followed through as we went along, I explained them all that I know and anything I read on the resources I was given.

I could see how much they were enjoying. The visit is so great as it gives you the chance to stop and allow the kids to make and built stuff.

Lunch was fast approaching and with a baby on tow it's not a laughing matter!

We finished the Tudors and Henry VIII within the time limit I set.

We then spent the first hour of the afternoon in the 4th floor enjoying the back packs.

In the 4th floor we enjoyed making rubbings, a crystal palace with clear blocks, dressing up as a Tudor, building an 18th century chair, watching a black and white film about Venice, lol :) and colouring a house from the 18th century.

We left the V&A Museum very happy and I promised to the kids to take them back insh'Allah.

From there we decided it was time to pay a visit to the Science Museum just across the road.
The kids spent the afternoon in the Garden area playing with big LEGOs and water.
Back home in a fairly good time and I am also having time to post this before I warm up the dinner.

And now for the pics.

wa alaykum assalam

Baby at the Science Museum
Science Museum
Playing with water
Beautiful 18th century building
A modern chandelier made with glass

Instructions for the Crystal Palace
Black and White Film about Venice
Crystal Palace
Gold Cart
Precious Vases
Making a Crystal Palace
Back Pack
making a frame
each activity area has some

great resources in boxes
Petticoat- a large gown nicely worn by S, lol!
A massive gown! The real Deal!
Study in the Computer Room,

interactive resources

Learning with the aid of phones
A is making the Tudor chair
S helping making a Tudor chair
Designing the coat of arms
Learning how to wave a tapestry.
A is making a Tudor Tapestry
Tudor's armour

Dressing up!
A designed his coat of arms. They sent it to us by email.

S made his own coat of arms


Dara Maina said...

Assalamualaikum wr wb
wow the museum its so great. My kids doesnt like to go to museums. Because our museum here in Jakarta quite boring and not child friendly.

muslimah trying to home edu said...

Wa alaykum assalam Dara Maina,
welcome to my blog!
The Museum was so rich and beautiful So much to see but very little time!
We truly enjoyed. Insh'Allah will go again one day.
I don't blame your kids; Museums are already regarded as boring by some people, it depends which Museums, but if the Museums is not child friendly it is even worse.
Keep on reading us..

ummrashid said...

I didn't realise the V&A is like that! Looks worth a visit.

muslimah trying to home edu said...

Assalamu alaykum ummrashid,
I was so surprised too! I thought this would be the clasic boring museum. But I went to check the day before on their website and they have some excellent resources and activities. Specially art and craft.
It's worth a visit. Just a warning, try to access the Museum from the main door at Exhibition Road. If you come with the tube you will see a second entrance, don;t go there as you will be faced with staues of naked bodies. I had to run away when i saw that!