'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Sunday, 14 December 2008

A new timetable, another outing and 2 new lapbooks!

Assalamu alaykum,
what an excited week we had!
Let's see.
Two Saturdays ago my kids have had their swimming tests. They both did great! I was so pleased with them both. S is now in level 2 and A passed to level 6. Mash'Allah! Yesterday they had their last swimming lessons of this season. They will be re-starting on January. I have decided to change their day and timings. From January they will be swimming every Monday so that will leave me Saturday off to do anything that we fancy!

On Sunday they had wrestling and dh revised their Qur'an and Arabic writing.
On Monday, Eid ul-Adha, the males in my family went out for the prayer very early in the morning. Leaving behind little man and myself. It was really cold and taking little man with the pushchair in the masjid is not such a great idea!

Nevertheless we had a great day of 'Eid. Dh friends came over for lunch and we all shared the meat from the sacrifice. We provided a lunch for those men that don't have a wife or indeed a family in London. Kids received some pretty expensive gifts from one of their wealthy uncle! Another addition to the LEGO City they are building.

No presents from me and hubby to the boys, just a big hug and lots of dua'as. I want the boys to understand the importance of the day of 'Eid and not of the presents they receive.And anyway they already received something for 'Eid ul Fitr. Hamdulillah. On the other hand I received a lovely letter from the eldest telling me how much he loves me and dh and lots of words of appreciation! Mash'Allah it brought tears to my eyes! S drew a big city with a Mosque and wrote Eid Mubarak to hubby and ummi! May Allah protect our kids. Amin
On Tuesday, we re-started with normal homeschooling. So in with Calvert and Schofield and Simms.
Eldest started two new lapbooks called 'Healthy Meals' and 'Prophet Ibrahim (as)' He decided to work on them by himself. I didn't even know he was working on them until I discovered two new folders in his room! Mash'Allah! 'Healthy Meals' was an idea of A to incorporate a cooking book I got from the Heart Association about cooking Indian recipes in a healthier way (South Asians are more likely to suffer from diabetes 4 times more than the rest of the population in UK)

S does really enjoy reading and asks me to sit with him at any occasion. He is now reading level 3. He asked me if he could go on to level 4 but I have explained that he really need to know how to read well before going on to the next level. He was a bit upset but now wishing to learn even more. Hamdulillah he took the news well :)

On Wednesday, we enjoyed the company of a dear ukhti and her eldest daughter. She was so dear to pass by and say Eid Mubarak. She even brought us gifts, jazak'Allahu kheiri sis, you know who you are! May Allah reward you and family for your kindness.Amin

On Thursday back to homeschooling. Calvert and Schofield and Simms. Afternoon spent reading Qur'an and writing/reading Arabic. We are now using the Madinah Arabic Reader 1 with A and the Qaidah with S.

This past week the tutor was having his 'eid holidays. Boys are back to learn with tutor on Monday (tomorrow) insh'Allah.
Friday we went out on our weekly mission to learn more about the world around us. This time we paid a visit to Greenwich, National Maritime Museum and the Planetarium. The Maritime Museum gave me the opputunity to talk further about the explorers such as Columbus that we studied some time ago. Other subjects included the African slaves and missions to the Artic! In the Planetarium we were allowed only in the building outside. The actual observatory is off limit for pushchairs for safety reason. Kids learnt that Pluto is no more a planet! I didn't know! lol! They watched a documentary about starts and planets. Re-visited the solar system and enjoyed the panoramic view of London! It's really a great view up there!

Kids enjoyed the DLR trains and specially the big climb to the Planetarium. I was not too happy with the latter! Pics to follow. (cannot post all the pics as I was told they have a copyright on them)/ A wrote it all in his little diary. The diary is becoming more and more a very useful tool to A.

On Saturday was last day of swimming. They had fun playing with big floats, rings, balls and just enjoying their time in the water. Just a little reward for all their hard work. Saturday afternoon we all helped with chores. Kids washed the floors and dusted around. I had mountains to iron and cook! Saturday evening the boys spent time watching their old favourite: TOP GEAR! It's amazing how much they know about cars!!

Today, Sunday, they should have been to wrestling with dh, but dh is working and could not take them. I am too tired and cold to go. In the end we stayed at home. Homeschooled them up till 4pm. We are now revising Qur'an and carried on with the Arabic Reader 1. BTW doens't anyone know if they sell cartoons in Arabic with English subtitles? We watched some nice ones in islam Channel, Fine Media Cartoons.

Just a very rich week!

From tomorrow this is our new timetable, insh'Allah.
Monday: Qur'an-Arabic-Calvert and Schofield and Simms-Swimming (From January)
Tuesday: Qur'an-Arabic-Calvert and Schofield and Simms
Wednesday:Quran-Arabic-Calvert and Schofield and Simms
Thursday:Quran-Arabic-Calvert and Schofield and Simms
Friday:off. Jumuah prayer with dh. Educational visits or just art and craft!
Saturday: house chores and lots of cooking! Maybe some Art and craft! Reading, watching documentaries and generally anything that we like to do!

Sunday: all day wrestling in preparation for the new competitions.
This is just a draft of our timetable. I am thinking to add few more bits and reading everyday is one of them.

For now, enjoy the pics!!! Not in order. (included in the pics. some results from Calvert and a letter from the tutor)


Riaz said...

Can vegetarians be Muslims or not? I don't approve of the Eid sacrifice at all but other Muslims say it is an integral part of Islam that cannot be ignored.

muslimah trying to home edu said...

Hello Riaz,
can Muslims be vegetarians?
In a nutshell: " Eat of the good things We have provided for your sustenance, but commit no excess therein" (Qur’an, 20:81).
Also you can read further
BTW have you took your ash-shahadah? I would like to know if you had chance to speak with the Imam again in Regents Park Mosque.

Riaz said...

I haven't taken my ash-shahadah yet because I haven't had a chance to speak to the Imam in Regents Park Mosque. I'm still learning more about Islam and hope to take my ash-shahadah early next year.