'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Monday, 27 October 2008

Nature Detectives

Assalamu alaykum,

it has been a really nice, long, busy week, hamdulillah!

I like for my children and myself to be busy, not that I mind some peace and quite but I prefer the feeling of learning everyday and seeing the kids enjoying it! Also boys busy=not troubles ;)
So what have we been learning last week till today?

I have carried on schooling the boys rigorously every morning for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Still Calvert programme for A and Schofield and Sims and CGP books for S.

S is really trying his very best to learn how to read. We are using level 1 books from Schofield and Sims and Oxford Tree Learning. He seems getting along OK and A is giving him a great help in the evening.
Kids have carried on with madrassa every evening and we had to make some adjustments to our daily routine. That means all we love to do and have to do, has to be done in the morning (forgive the words game there :)

Early afternoon is for a bit of cooking, cleaning and resetting the house. Also get ready for madrassa and Qur'an reading. Then off for me and boys.

This week we have also received the Nature Detectives pack. I registered both boys to the nature detectives club for a year subscription. I was so inspired by their website .

Kids we re so happy to see all the activities in the pack that have started off straight away. They have been colouring, cutting, creating flying birds, solving crosswords and answering questions about nature. So much enthusiasm that I took them down the park to have a close look to the trees and leaves for our autumn project. They took back home leaves, barks, chestnuts shelves and stones!

This week we received a great gift! The ultimate set of 'Documentaries for thinking children' by Harun Yahya. A very inspiring set of 12 DVDs and 2 lovely books about honeybees and ants. The DVDs are great for children and as i love documentaries too, I have enjoyed, for once, few hours sitting in front of the telly! Did you know that a ant can carry food as the same weight as 250 Kg would be for a person! Such a big weight, subhan'Allah!

On the sport side, kids have really improved in swimming since last time I saw them in the water! Now they can both swim back and forth in the big pool! Mash'Allah!

And they are having some great feedback too in wrestling. I spent anafternoon with the sister that organizes the wrestling section for the boys and it was such a pleasure to see the boys in action!!!

So the week has been pretty busy but I had so much fun and looking forward for the week ahead.

for now
wa alaykum assalam