'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Back to schooling...yes, for all of us!!

Assalamu alaykum,

I pray you all had a great 'eid with your loved ones!

We are back to schooling, after one whole month of holidays or should I say vacation! My older one is learning lots of new American words with Calvert American Academy!lol!

We started right off the day after 'eid, that was Tuesday.

I quickly removed all the decorations around the house after the 'eid and started a new term in schooling my boys! I wanted to go back as soon as possible as I felt one month away from our beloved Calvert was too much to take! So off the decorations and on with Maths, English, Science etc...

I was happy and of course surprised to see my accuracy and strength in doing schooling. On the other side my boys moaned a bit when I told them about getting their books off the shelves!

The month of Ramadan has been a pure blessing in every sense. I had so much time to spent with my boys, teaching them new skills, lots of art&crafts and cooking!! All that is behind us now as schooling will take over our mornings and madrassa run will make us busy in the afternoons!

So let's see what my boys are learning.

A is revisiting the sounds 'ai' and 'ay', learning to draw a graph and the clock. Also we are talking about time in every subject! We talked about time that pass in history, how time affects living beings and nature around us and making a weather record to see how each day the weather change.

We also enjoyed reading a new story about fire fighters and safety. And used shapes to make a robot!

S is carrying on learning phonics and adding/subtracting up to 20. He too enjoyed playing with shapes and made his very own robot. He expressed the wish to read and I feel is about time he starts, insh'Allah! I can see how much he would love to read a story to his baby brother!

Baby S is now 13 months and trying to walk since few weeks now. We bought him a walker/ride on and he is certainly enjoying it! He says few words, mainly he calls his older brother A! He also says salam waving his hands (both!!)and say what it looks like: Da-daaa!!

Mash'Allah wa hamdulillah, big progress for a small man!

I too re-started UNI after one year off and feel so nervous about it! Last year I just about managed one course when I was pregnant and passed it! It is my 4th year and this time with three little monsters it will be a real challenge! But I am ready to give it a go, insh'Allah!

And now some pics, keep me busy!

Display decoration! Not much so I have added some personal touches!

We couldn't find the 'EID MUBARAK' banner!

playing with shapes

one robot done and...

one to go! A wheelie robot!!