'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

What we been up to?

Assalamu alaykum,
so I haven't posted in a while...sorry! Anyway, as this is a diary of what we do in our homeschooling days, here's what we have been up to.

My mum came to visit us from back home. Kids enjoyed their time when she is here as she cooks scrumptious food! Mash'Allah! Also I get to spent more time doing the things I love like reading, Internet browsing, shopping, visiting friends, picnics etc

We have had a busy week; no house chores or cooking for me but lots of quality time spent with the family and friends.

Today we visited the Fire Brigade Museum in Southwark, South-East London.

We had this visit in programme since a while. So we set off together with a dear ukhti and her two lovely boys.

We met up other homeschoolers in the Museum. The visit was short and sweet. The kids got to try on firefighters uniforms and received pictures of fire engines, and firefighters to be coloured.

We learnt about different fire engines, from the early 1830 up to date. We then ended up our day with a picnic in the park with other home edders.

It was a nice day, very hot! Mash'Allah! Another day for my boys and me to spent in company of other home edders and learnt more about how to be a better educator!