'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Silent Sundays...

Assalamu alaykum,

Sundays are always a treat for me! After a hard week teaching my boys I really need to recharge my self.

Usually I wake up around 7am and get myself ready for swimming. I go out at around 8.30am and go to the only swimming pool for Muslimah in town.

I have a good 1hr swim and then I drive back home. That leave me the rest of the day all for myself as it is the only I have for a bit of relaxation.


The kids are off to football with dh and its' a treat for them too as they do miss their dad after 6 full days of hard work and unless my lovely neighbour pop in for a cuppa, baby S and I have all the day for ourselves.

On Sundays I like to read Qur'an, or watch Islam Channel in peace as when my kids are around I cannot hear a single word from the Sheik in my fav programme IslamiQA. If the weather is sunny like today, I do my weekly washing machine and a good cleaning of the windows.

My house today is very quite and as my baby is sleeping I can stay a bit longer typing at the PC.

Another thing I like to do is gardening.
I have just cut the grass and had a good clean of my shed. Hamdulillah it was not too much like the first day I cut the grass after the cold season.

I find the days are so quickly to pass and the time left for hobbies and a bit of rest is very limited. I don't know if it's only here in the UK but I constantly feel tired and wish for some days of rest.

There is always so much to do and with the kids on tow 24/7 is not as easy but hamdulillah it's the way I chose and it was not imposed upon me.

We are contemplating leaving UK, looking for a place for us to feel comfortable and more at ease. Insh'Allah soon.