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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Feeling blessed, hamdulillah!

Assalamu alaykum my dear readers and sisters fi deen,

Hamdulillah I feel a sense of relief and contentment. soon to start school. This week I will buying his uniform, the first uniform he has ever bought or worn for school a part from the abaya he used to wear at madrassa.
A. will follow soon, insh'Allah.Maybe as soon as next two weeks. InshAllah. The waiting list for this particular school is very long as the school has high demand. My boys have been on the list since the 1 of September.
I looked into their new routine and I tell you, it will be a busy one.
After school they will attend the 'after school clubs' and they will be joining in activities such as cooking, reading club, literacy, science lab, football, netball and so much more! MashAllah. Three times a week they will come at home with homework inshAllah. I do intend to carry on homeschooling for a hour or so a day, making sure they get the best out of the school's environment.
Everyday they will have Qur'an and Arabic as usual. Also swimming and wrestling is still on once a week and madrassa on Saturday. Insh'Allah.
I feel for now, it's the best choice, I mean keeping them busy and active.
We went to visit the school and it is a great place. 90% of the pupils are Muslims and there is a great majority of sisters teaching there. Food is totally halal for all, Muslims and non.
I visited their website and it's great, updated daily with the progress of the kids as well as activities and after school clubs. Also they are always on the look out for school governors and guess what? I will apply to be a school governors or at least in the parents board. Making sure things run swiftly :)
I am happy that out of 3 schools we applied to, the first choice was the one!
Kids are over excited! They cannot wait and feel so happy to start. InshAllah.

...About me, I am building my own schedule. I want to go back on learning the deen and tajweed. Also tafseer and Arabic. Insh'Allah. I don't have any longer a car and made a conscious decision to use my legs :) and public transport when needed. But I am also thinking of buying a bike to enjoy some riding time with my kids at the park inshAllah.
Keeping myself busy with activities, I couldn't do when homeschooling, is my main goal. No more studying at night or early morning. Hamdulillah.
I feel blessed. My illness and other various problems have been a bless as well as hardship.
Allah is the best of Planners indeed.
I have always said that the day my kids will have to attend school is because of my health. Allahu Alim.
The day has come and I need to see the positive side and accept Allah's decree upon me. I need to bear patiently and increase myself in activities that will bring me closer to my Lord. I have always been so passion about homeschooling and I would have never dreamt of putting my kids to school, never! In fact I am still in shock thinking that my kids who have never attended school, public school, will go. Please do remember us in your duas.

For now
wa alaykum assalam


ummof3 said...

oh A! I feel so silly. I wish I could make you feel better, really I wish I could. I don't have access to a car right now otherwise I would visit you. What can I say? You have done so well with your boys, mashaallah. What they have learned with you they won't ever forget. And school is good alhamdulillah. I plan to put mine back by secondary ia if not earlier. Because I do believe that even a short spell of homeschooling will be good for them. But I do think they will benenfit from school ia. You must think the same and make duah for us all in your current state. May Allah give you shifa sister. I wish I had your drive and desire, ia I will try and learn from you so keep in touch! ws

muslimah trying to home edu said...

Assalamu alaykum sister,
I am hamdulillah. Jazakillah for passing by. I feel happy that in the West we have so many choices, as I said I feel I am blessed. My kids had the best in fact of education, homeschooling is truly a blessing if you are healthy and can afford it.
They are happy to go and try out school and hamdulillah for it!
Jazakillah for your kind duas and for your 'trust' in me :)
Allah is the best of Planner and we need to rely totally on Him for all our choices. I prayed so much and I can now see things clear, hamdulillah. I don't hide the fact that I miss my kids terribly, I miss our routine, the days spent together, the joy of teaching's non replaceable. Of course I wish things were different but life's test, hamdulillah.
Keep in touch too let me know of your progress
wa alaykum assalam