'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Friday, 30 January 2009

One week off...

Assalamu alaykum,
the past week we have been having a break from home education, just to recharge our batteries and because I allocated this week for health check ups. Kids had their teeth and eyes check-ups. All is well hamdulillah bar a little scare that my optician decided to give us. She referred A to hospital for an urgent check up on one of his eye. She claimed she saw a bleeding vessel on the back of his eye. I got a bit scare on that day. But all turned out to be just fine.The doctor at the hospital said that it is just a ticker vessel, a bit different than the others surrounding the back of the eye. Nothing to worry about.Hamdulillah!
The past week brought some new, inshAllah good, changes.To start with, our routine has changed again.
We now home educate from Monday to Thursday. Throughout the week the kids do attend swimming as well as wrestling and madrassa for Arabic, Qur'an and Islamic Studies.
On Friday we have decided to take it off as we used to, but with the exception of the evening madrassa.The new madrassa, 10 minutes driving from where we live, runs only on Thursdays and Fridays evening from 4pm to 6pm.Hamdulillah for that as I wasn't too keen to go back to the usual busy evening routine with 5 days madrassa.
On Tuesday A. attends an homework club where he can use computers and with the help of a professional can work on lots of different subjects and bring his own homework and projects.
The rest of the days, specially mornings are dedicated to Calvert and ASDAN. For the younger one, UK National Curriculum using Schofield and Simms and Oxford Tree Learning.
Our next challenge will be a research about a wild animal native of Britain. A. chose to write about badgers. Another Asdan challenge off our shoulders! Honestly, this Asdan is really good, I am very impress with the challenges and the content of the course. I do a bit anxious at times when we don't do any challenge for a while, but then I know that we can work on our own pace. No need for rushing and finish on an agreed time like in the case of Calvert.
At the moment, with Calvert on the go, Asdan and the UK National Curriculum, it looks like a big mess, but what a beautiful mess!MashAllah.
No pics this week :(
for now
wa alaykum assalam