'O Allah increase me in knowledge,

Friday, 13 November 2009

Homeschooling while schooling! :)

Assalamu alaykum,

now that my kids are at school and I feel fully supported, hamdulillah, I can now look into integrate some more work at home and help my boys with their homework insh'Allah.
In the last week, I have made sure that homework was done on time and I also integrate some more at home specially English and Maths.
I have registered with Teacher File Box and I can now look the homeschooling experience in a different light. I don't feel guilty if one day I cannot teach the kids because I am not well. But I still have the possibility to teach when I can and enjoy seeing them learning.
A. teacher is really impressed with him. She said: 'The child is very communicative and loves taking part in every activity. He asks lots of questions and he wants to know more about what we do'. Mash'Allah tabarak'Allah!! Those are the effects of homeschooling and I am so happy for my boys.Hamdulillah.

I have also realized that schools can't never and I mean never replace in any way the hard work that parents should do at home!! Homeschooling still the very best option no doubt about that.
So dear homeschoolers out there, all I am going to say is KEEP IT UP!!! You are doing a great work and your kids will indeed benefit immensely from homeschooling.

Just a brief update and thoughts I needed to share.
Wa alaykum assalam