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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

ADD,ADHD, Dyslexia or what?!

Assalamu alaykum, my hope is that I can get some help from out there.
My older one, A, has always been a very active boy since birth.
As he started talking very late, he was 3 1/2 when he started saying first words, I contacted my health visitor and explained my concerns.
At that time, I was unaware of anything related to kids. A is my first child, hamdulillah.
So the health visitor quickly suggested for me to be referred to see the Social Services because she did not like my son to be at home.
I was not happy but I did not have choice and just went with what she said. Social services did turn up at my door and made a brilliant report to my health visitor, saying that there was not need for them to get involved.
The health visitor not happy about the report, she decided anyway to register my child at the local nursery school. Clearly my Health visitor did not like the idea of homeschooling.
A spent one year in nursery school and he was not happy.
I pulled him out at the age of 5 and registered him in an Islamic school where he stayed for one year. Since about 2 years now I am homeschooling him.
But I am having difficulties. Still I didn't understand him fully.
He is very active and won't concentrate whatsoever in anything. Today his karate teacher talked to me. She is concerned about him being too active and thinks the child may have an allergy to some food and suffering some sorts of dyslexia.
Which is what I thought when he was little. Now who do I ask for help? Who can help me and my boy without having to go through same problems as the first time with the Health Visitor?
At home we are all very concern for A.
A is a very happy child, he loves building with his Lego, watching documentaries about big cats and riding his bike. He also adores fast cars and knows all the makes and models. He is very thoughtful. He is also very bossy, he fights a lot with his brothers and even if told not to he will run constantly anywhere.
He looks like a normal child, but something I feel inside me tells me that he needs attention more than any other child. So what to do?
Help, please


Us.. said...

Assalamualaykum sis,

I believe nothing much to worry. How about if you go to your GP first. It's a good way to eliminate all medical reason.

One of my sons can't talk properly until he was 3. And always hard for him to explain thing as well. But, alhamdulillah he grow up nicely.

From what you describe, I can't really see much go wrong. My son doesn't interested much in learning when he's small. But, he he was in school at that time and his teacher did brilliant work on him. Different than my other son. Sometimes I did think is it something wrong with him. But, he play normal like others.

Now he's 10 going to be 11. He's a bit slow from others in writing and reading but, he know lots and on the level he should be.

Sometimes it is so hard to tell. May be it's good to get expert advise. May be you want to change your GP.

muslimah trying to home edu said...

Assalamu alaykum sister,
jazak'Allahu kheir again for your advice.
Thing is my son doesn't play like other children. He is in constant move, he never stay still. He is 7 years old going to 8 soon and he is still very, extremely active to the point that when we are talking about something, he is already thinking about something else. I could make many examples about this.
Also not just the karate teacher noticed that this boys is different than other kids, also the swimming teacher and when he was at school (nursery and islamic school) the teachers noticed too.
I can see the difference between him and his brothers. I have three boys, mash'Allah.
Also I am so worry to go to the GP as I don't want to be referred to the Social Services as I don't like the way they work in UK. They always tend to find a major problems when you homeschool your kids. Also Social Services are totally pro school. Imagine what they could say to me!!
Jazak'Allahu kheir anyway sis.
I think we have a problem here but I cannot understand what's wrong.

ummrashid said...

Assalamualaykum, It could be a food thing. But remember your son is NOT the only child like this.
British Dyslexia Association
helpline 0118 9668271
A friend of mine is active in her local dyslexia association. They are friendly and approachable and offer special literacy courses. Many are dyslexic themselves and are able to understand the challenges and feelings of others.
It does no harm to investigate.

Us.. said...

I do agree with ummrashid. You can investigate. May be you can try tu turn to any expertise muslim in UK. There's a lots of doctors from muslim community.
Don't worry so much about social service. If anything turn out bad from them, we all here to give you support. Allah will help you sis, Insya Allah..

muslimah trying to home edu said...

Assalamu alaykum sisters,
i really need all your support so please remember me and my son in your dua'as. My dh and I have talked a lot about this problem since long time ago. We now decided to get to the root of the problem. I can see my son is ADD or ADHD hyperative disorder. I feel something is not right. Insh'Allah we can only make dua'as, whatever is in our Qadr.
Love for the sake of Allah

Oum Anas said...

Assalamu aleikum dear sister.

Surely with every hardship comes ease.
I was in a similar situation last year, as I found out my son needs glasses I've relaxed a bit and I'm forcing myself to give him time to adjust. You can find links to sites about dyslexia and the connection between that condition and ADHD, on my blog in the posts labelled dyslexia. I remember there was a site with suggestions of a diet to lessen the symptoms of ADHD too (they say it will cure one from it).
May Allah help us all, ameen.

Anonymous said...

assalamualykum sis,
try checking out these sites, they may help inshaAllah

and this one

if you feel your son matches much of this stuff maybe go to your GP and explain the things you are worried about?

may Allah make it easy for us all, ameen

muslimah trying to home edu said...

Assalamu alaykum,
insh'Allah I will check those websites now.
I have already had a good search days ago and found out so many information I needed to know.
Most of the symptoms are there. So this morning I took this discussion at my doc's surgery.
He referred my son to soo a community paediatrician. Insh'Allah.Soon.
dua'as pls.